Product Launch: Datalogic AXIST™

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Product Launch Datalogic AXIST™
Now available!

Datalogic Axist

Datalogic ADC is pleased to announce the release of the DL-Axist PDA:

A rugged Android PDA with a brilliant full touch 5 inch screen.
Its industrial robustness allows the PDA to survive the toughest environments and
also has a Gorilla® Glass 3 touchscreen and protective rubber boot to ensure an additional level of ruggedness.

The DL-Axist PDA is equipped with an advanced 2D imager allowing quick and easy data capture from high density codes
at standard range distances, along with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback.
For applications requiring evidence of task execution or damaged documentation,
a 5 MP auto focus camera with LED flash provides easy documentation with photos.

The DL-Axist PDA embeds Datalogic’s new SoftSpot technology (patent pending):
A user-definable ‘floating soft trigger’ to leverage the large touch display, allowing a new scan or camera triggering experience for the user!

A full set of wireless technologies is embedded in the DL-Axist PDA:

• Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Cisco CCX v4 certified for quick network access
and with superior MIMO technology (ensures higher throughput and better coverage)

• Cellular wide area for voice and data

• Enterprise Class Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for location based applications

• Bluetooth® v4.0 wireless technology for fast and low power consuming data connections

• NFC for easy and intuitive configuration and pairing

The DL-Axist PDA aims to combine recent technology trends with Datalogic’s traditional rugged expertise in a user friendly and complete package with the following Features and Benefits.

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