High quality barcode reader in the best price / performance ratio

If you are looking for a professional barcode reader that is suitable for use in production / workshop, in logistics or retail or office automation, then you are with us, the professionals from the industry barcode to the right place. We carry barcode readers who have distinguished themselves by their excellent quality and high functionality of the industry-leading barcode scanners.

The multiple usability of the scanner convinces customers with high demands on a barcode reader. The Heron G we introduce you to, for example, is the latest handheld reader from Datalogic. This barcode reader combines high performance very cleverly with a handy and very attractive design. Another example of innovation is the current barcode reader Nordic ID, we want to introduce you. This new handheld is equipped with an extra-large, directional UHF / RFID reader, which allows you a more efficient use of modern RFID technology.

A further example of highly efficient barcode scanner models is the imaging handheld scanner PowerScan PD7100 Datalogic. This barcode reader is part of a series of more developed, industry-compatible and cost-effective readers that are based on the prototype of the hand scanner PowerScan 7000 SRI.